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  • AWARD WINNING Comedy Impressionist


    Award winning and BGT finalist, Drew Cameron, with his celebrity voices and funny comedy impressions have made comedian Drew Cameron, ideal for your event.

  • Blog 

    the latest news from comedy impressionist drew cameron featuring funny impersonations of famous celebrities.

  • Photos 

    photographs of impressionist and comedian drew cameron. Jimmy jones, ozzie ardiles, Ricardo Villas

  • Reviews 

    "Next up was the undoubted highlight of the proceedings, Drew Cameron, a performer who knows his craft inside out. A vocal impressionist supreme and a true…

  • Lookalikes 

    drew cameron lookalike characters, ali G, Michael caine, uncle albert, ozzy osbourne, Mr Bean. Ideal for events, corporate, Meet and Greet

    • Mr Bean look and sound alike 

      professional and funny look and soundalike Mr Bean from comedy impressionist Drew cameron

    • Victor Meldrew 

      What in the name of sanity!! Have you seen what that idiot Drew Cameron has done now? He's only gone and done an impression of the miserable Victor…

    • Ozzy Osbourne 

      No description found for this item.

    • Uncle Albert 

      drew cameron as uncle albert lookalike from only fools and horses available for events, weddings, corporate, meet and greet etc.

    • The young Michael Caine look and sound-alike 

      drew cameron as a michael caine lookalike and sound alike for corporate events, media and Meet and Greet

    • Ali.G. 

      impressionist drew cameron as an Ali G lookalike, and sound alike for corporate events, media and Meet and Greet

    • Del Boy Lookalike 

      Drew Cameron's perfect characterisation and comedy makes him a brilliant Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses. Perfect for parties, weddings etc.

  • Contact Drew 

    contact details for comedy impressionist, voice over artsit, lookalike Drew Cameron

    • Biography 

      drew cameron's back ground of an actor, impressionist, comedian, dance teacher and performer

  • Need a Voiceover man? 

    If you want voice impressions of famous celebrities for tv, radio or any media then call drew cameron for your celebrity voiceovers.

    • Sketches 

      A few years ago I recorded some sketches for a local radio station. They do not reflect topical humour now but may be entertaining never-the-less. F…

  • Only Fools and Horses Tribute Show 

    the funny tribute show of only fools and horses for every event. have a meal and watch a cabaret show of comedy, music and celebrities.

  • Performances 

    This section is to view all the performances that Drew cameron has been involved in. Television, sketches, pantomimes etc. Including the Finals at the…

    • Videos 

      promotional videos of impressionist drew cameron, including media clips, promotional videos, acting and spoofs to use as internet virals

      • Comedy sketches 

        No description found for this item.

      • Acting 

        details of actor and impressionist drew cameron

      • Stand-up 

        details and videos of stand-up impressionist drew cameron

      • Arfur Lager 

        Arfur Lager, puppet creation of ventriloquist steve hewlett, interviews ozzy osbourne, impersonated by drew cameron.

    • Britain's Got Talent 2008 

      "Brilliant script,  great comedy, great confidence, you are the stand-up we've been waiting for" - Piers Morgan. Over a quarter of a million people have…

    • Pantos 

      pantomime details of impressionist drew cameron

  • My Diary 

    No description found for this item.

  • iPhone Apps 

    Drew Cameron's apps for iphone and ipad, including funny only fools and horses MimicMouth to make anyone an impressionist. Also, Free Celebrity Ringtones

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