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  • AWARD WINNING Comedy Impressionist


    Award winning and BGT finalist, Drew Cameron, with his celebrity voices and funny comedy impressions have made comedian Drew Cameron, ideal for your event.

  • Blog 

    the latest news from comedy impressionist drew cameron featuring funny impersonations of famous celebrities.

  • Photos 

    photographs of impressionist and comedian drew cameron. Jimmy jones, ozzie ardiles, Ricardo Villas

  • Reviews 

    "Next up was the undoubted highlight of the proceedings, Drew Cameron, a performer who knows his craft inside out. A vocal impressionist supreme and a true…

  • Lookalikes 

    drew cameron lookalike characters, ali G, Michael caine, uncle albert, ozzy osbourne, Mr Bean. Ideal for events, corporate, Meet and Greet

    • Mr Bean look and sound alike 

      professional and funny look and soundalike Mr Bean from comedy impressionist Drew cameron

    • Victor Meldrew 

      What in the name of sanity!! Have you seen what that idiot Drew Cameron has done now? He's only gone and done an impression of the miserable Victor…

    • Ozzy Osbourne 

      Hey man, I know I'm not in the f***ing news anymore but Drew Cameron can do a f***ing brilliant impression of me. Sharon wouldn't even know the f***ing…

    • Uncle Albert 

      drew cameron as uncle albert lookalike from only fools and horses available for events, weddings, corporate, meet and greet etc.

    • The young Michael Caine look and sound-alike 

      drew cameron as a michael caine lookalike and sound alike for corporate events, media and Meet and Greet

    • Ali.G. 

      impressionist drew cameron as an Ali G lookalike, and sound alike for corporate events, media and Meet and Greet

    • Del Boy Lookalike 

      Drew Cameron's perfect characterisation and comedy makes him a brilliant Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses. Perfect for parties, weddings etc.

  • Contact Drew 

    contact details for comedy impressionist, voice over artsit, lookalike Drew Cameron

  • Need a Voiceover man? 

    If you want voice impressions of famous celebrities for tv, radio or any media then call drew cameron for your celebrity voiceovers.

    • Audio 

      A few years ago I recorded some sketches for a local radio station. They do not reflect topical humour now but may be entertaining never-the-less. For…

  • Only Fools and Horses Tribute Show 

    the funny tribute show of only fools and horses for every event. have a meal and watch a cabaret show of comedy, music and celebrities.

  • Performances 

    This section is to view all the performances that Drew cameron has been involved in. Television, sketches, pantomimes etc. Including the Finals at the…

    • Videos 

      promotional videos of impressionist drew cameron, including media clips, promotional videos, acting and spoofs to use as internet virals

      • Comedy sketches 

        No description found for this item.

      • Acting 

        details of actor and impressionist drew cameron

      • Stand-up 

        details and videos of stand-up impressionist drew cameron

      • Arfur Lager 

        Arfur Lager, puppet creation of ventriloquist steve hewlett, interviews ozzy osbourne, impersonated by drew cameron.

    • Britain's Got Talent 2008 

      "Brilliant script,  great comedy, great confidence, you are the stand-up we've been waiting for" - Piers Morgan. Over half a million people have watched…

    • Pantos 

      pantomime details of impressionist drew cameron

  • Only Foods and Two Courses 

    Come on you dipsticks. Why don't you book this cushdie interactive, dining experience show. Del Boy, Uncle Albert, Rodney, Boycie and Trigger are all on a…

  • My Diary 

    No description found for this item.

  • Fools and Horses shows 

    We've got the creme de la menthe of shows here! Only Fools and Horses Tribute Show and Only Foods and Two Courses, the dining experience   The…

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