Bandstand Grandstand

by drewcam on 02/07/2012

in promotion, stand-up

Friday 29th June 2012 I attended a show at eastbourne’s Bandstand on the seafront. A Michael Buble tribute by Shane Hampsheir and his band. Completely out of the blue, Shane announced that I was in the audience and encouraged the audience to persuade me to get up on stage!

“Went to Eastbourne last night to see Shane Hampshire doing his Michael Buble tribute show, fantastic, well done Shane, and the Audience loved it, most of whom had been to your show last year, an added bonus was that Drew Cameron was in the audience and Shane with the help of the audience persuaded him to go up on stage and do 5 minutes, i have not laughed so much in ages, his impressions were the best I have seen in years, why, why do we not hear more of this man, Shane and Drew should get together, what a show that would be, watch out for Shane and Drew, if they are on in your area, go and see them, you won’t be disappointed.” – John Mellows

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