by drewcam on 27/02/2012

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To be an inspiration to young new talent must be one of the most rewarding aspects of someone’s life.

It seems I have been lucky enough to be that person to a young dancer who was appearing in the same pantomime as me.

We didn’t speak much but it seems that didn’t matter as she explains in a message to me …….


“you should be very happy with me at the moment…with this interview i had today, one of the questions they asked me was what inspired me to become an actress…and i said, i met some one in the pantomime i just did, cinderella, and he was the comedian buttons, and just watching him on stage with alot of confidence…just gave me the confidence….and he’s just inspired me to be more confidence and to just go for things, so this is what i’m doing now

and then they went, ahh, well he must be very proud of you and i said, well he doesn’t know this yet and laughed and they said i was a very sweet girl and i had a nice smile i was like..ok thanks lol

you gave me alot of confidence! lol seriously the very first few shows we did i was sooo scared…i never smiled..i just looked petreified…but then just watching you act and make jokes and make every one laugh….i duno just really inspired me”.


I haven’t heard from Mel in quite a while now but I hope she is still happy and confident!!

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