Check this out.

Me know what you is finking init. You is finking, ow is it that I can book this well fit geezer for my party or whatever?

Respect! I is not the real Ali G init! I is what you call a clown. No a cloud. No a clone, that is it.

I is doing a well fit impression of Ali G. A wicked look and soundalike init. For real.

You would be mental not to check out the videos.

So ere me now, get out your crack den and pay me some serious dosh to roll up to your hood and jiggy it up with you batty boys!!

respect going out!


Ere is me main man, that is me geezer Drew Cameron, bogging it up as me Ali G at the launch of Staines Council to rebrand the town Staines Upon Thames.

He was leading the staines massive whipping up a rebellion and was forceabley ejected from the proceedings by security. Wicked!!

Read the shocking story at the Independent

Cllr Davis said: “We had one chap who turned up in an Ali-G costume. I’m told he was extremely good at what he did and rather added to the joy of the day.”

Listen to the interview by BBC Surrey

      ali G in the staines massive