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by drewcam on 07/06/2012

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“Drew Cameron sailed into Southend on sea naval and military club on Saturday evening with a huff and a puff and a fair wind behind him, having come off stage at a wedding in Brentwood some 45 minutes earlier.

Me being a yokel I had walked to the venue, arriving some half an hour prior, whilst not being a member I know the club quite well and the split room can be a little difficult to work too.

With an Audience who for the want of a spilt Tot or two could keel haul an act whilst sipping the remains.

Sitting waiting for Drew to arrive at the bar I surveyed the audience and with an mmm and thought; to get this audience within a few seconds of being on stage Drew would have to do something that would drive these people crazy – that would drive these people crazy and sure enough he did, reaching even the people in the last row of the split room.

These are the type of people who do not intentionally laugh but smile very sweetly.

As is often the case when you pressed for time the sound system decided to play a little difficult

However, with enduring patients from Drew, Gini the evenings Singer entertainer, Kay the entertainments manager and the audience, the sound system was sorted and worked perfectly for the rest of the evening.

Throughout Drew’s show, despite being held in chains on deck and his humor what I felt a tad close to a prevailing wind the audience nearly split the walls with their laughter at Drew’s impressions.

Although I never counted he was mobbed after and I swear I heard some of propositions from a Grey haired Granny or two.

Funny though, I am not so sure they knew who he was as they kept calling him Uncle Albert!”


Peter Smith -Talking Cures

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