I nearly ruined Paul Daniel’s trick!!

by drewcam on 31/12/2013

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paul daniels

Unfortunately I was chosen from the audience to help with one of his tricks.

I wasn’t comfortable being on stage and being somebody’s stooge. I wasn’t in control of the situation. So when Paul came up to me and asked me my name and my occupation I thought, this will be my opportunity to do a few voices and I will feel more comfortable.

However, he asked me if I could do his voice and then preceded to tell the story of how he sounds like John Noakes.

He went through an elaborate trick where in the end I had to read out the correct predictions from a note in an envelope.

I still hadn’t been able to do any of my voices but when he handed me the envelope I thought, this is my chance!

So, in the style of Del boy, Joe Pasquale, Michael Caine etc. I read out Paul Daniels’s predictions for the climax of his trick.

However, the laughs I received from the way I read the note out, completely detracted from the trick Paul had just done.

I apologised to him afterwards and he assured me that no harm was done but I think he was just being polite!

I later found some of it had been printed in the local paper, The Argus. You can read it here.


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